February 18, 2008

On a personal note- Yikes!

Here I am blogging about how to travel with babies and from reading this you would think- no sweat. But the truth is- I leave Sunday to fly from Spain to the U.S. and am totally nervous. I am flying alone and although the little one has done a lot of traveling- the game has since changed. She is walking/running and has a whole new set of rules now. Gone are the days of when the engine turning on meant the eyes closed. Now it's all go, and just to spice things up- she is on my lap without a seat. We have reserved a bassinet and they seem to not be concerned that she is over their weight limit for it. But a flight attendant quite possibly could take one look at her chubby cheeks (and thighs) and say "no way". So stay tuned as I its quite possible that my post upon arrival will have some segment that will fall into the "horror story" category. Keep you posted....


Amy B. said...

Ugh, I've been there. And flying alone, no less.

Don't know if you've seen this, but this FAA product was just brought to my attention for children traveling in a seat: http://kidsflysafe.com/index.php. It's silly expensive ($75 for a piece of strap? really) but I was thinking it's the kind of device you could go in on with a friend. Especially for someone who travels a lot like us gals.

Good luck with your trip.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie, we met in USA, I am AM sister in law. Great blog!The basonet thing. They take 14 or 16 kg. Aniek slept in one when she was 1,5 years old. I just told them look she is under the weight limit (you can check weight limit on basonet) and she is sleeping in there. Singapore Airlines won't let them sleep on the floor. She was big but it worked she slept like a rose. Good luck on your travels. For any advise don't hesitate to contact me. Ask AM my email. Good luck on your travels. Helena de Ridder