October 27, 2008

Home Sweet Home... in the bathroom?

Our energetic daughter is not really one for just calmly going to sleep in mom’s arms. In fact we can’t even put her to sleep if we are in the room. So on our resent 12 day trip along the Garden Route in South Africa we found a special place for her in all of our hotels- the bathroom. Her small crib fit perfectly in them all. The last bathroom was so big we were actually moving it around to decide where to put it.

The bathroom worked for her, and us. We often had to put a bit of padding around the crib and under to soften the sleeping and the escaping. I am pretty sure all of the cleaners along the way thought we were crazy. We would have used the closet but it was too small! Parents have to do whats necessary sometimes!

Has your little one slept in any creative places?

October 3, 2008

Movin' into the toddler seat- kind of

Our crazy 1.6 year old is struggling to stay put in the highchair these days, because she thinks she is 16 years old instead. She is much happier sitting at the table in a normal seat but the pint size nutter can't even see over the table. So I have found this nifty little folding toddler seat from JANE Baby Products. It comes with a removable tray (which I only use at home) and I just slide the little seat in the bottom of our stroller and we head out. Here in Spain, many of the restaurants don't have highchairs anyway- so it is not really an option. So far this has worked very well, and she thinks it is cool to sit in, in our hotel room. The seat is called the JANE MOVE HIGHCHAIR with Carrying Bag. Here is a picture. I couldn't easily find their website but it seems to be sold in a lot of places...

Baby Sitters in Foreign Countries

We are currently on mainland Spain living in a hotel for 4 weeks- it's actually going pretty well and we have our routine down now. I thought the adjustment from our home in the Canary Islands to here may be a problem but our little girl didn't even see it on her radar. So here we are and quite happy to be in a place of plentiful food products!

Because my husbands job requires some evening social activities- we are always trying to figure out how to get local babysitters. We are not required to go to events- but hey, they are fun and who doesn't like to go out once in awhile. I know the babysitting services can work but I would just prefer to have a recommendation from someone who actually has used the service. I usually ask around to some of the local people that are working with my husbands sailing team to see if they are interested or know someone good. But it is not easy. So far I have been lucky but things will get tougher as the language barrier becomes a problem. Next stop- South Africa....

If you have thoughts or recommendations on finding childcare overseas- send them our way...