April 28, 2008

Kelty Kid Carrier Backpack- Cool and functional for the aiport

I recently bought the Kelty Child Carrier so that I could capture my toddler in the airport and get on the plane with some order in place. I had decided that it gave me another option for containing her, once the stroller was gone and I had to carry my stuff on the plane. When she is not in it, the kid carrier cinches up small and it is just a normal backpack. When I need to trap her, I just uncinch the straps and slide her in. I get some great looks as I am boarding the plane- but it keeps my hands free so I can still hold passports and tickets and anything else I may have with me. http://www.kelty.com

TC 2.1 Front

My favorite feature is the mini-backpack that zips off the front. I put the babies "essentials" for the flight in there and then when I get to the seat- I just unzip the front pack, and throw everything else (except of course the kid) in the overhead compartment. It works well for me.

The cons are that it does become quite heavy and sticks out quite far when totally loaded. (It holds a maximum load of 40lbs- that's gear and kid combined.) Also, it doesn't really work as well as my framed backpack for carrying her around for a long day of sightseeing, etc. I gave it a go and it worked for about an hour. But in the airport- it's perfect.

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i'm kelly said...

i've tried everything too... always trying to find the perfect traveling companion. i've recently loved my sling from puj baby http://www.pujbaby.com/ ...it's lightweight & comfortable. perfect for quick trips and especially in the airport!