October 3, 2008

Movin' into the toddler seat- kind of

Our crazy 1.6 year old is struggling to stay put in the highchair these days, because she thinks she is 16 years old instead. She is much happier sitting at the table in a normal seat but the pint size nutter can't even see over the table. So I have found this nifty little folding toddler seat from JANE Baby Products. It comes with a removable tray (which I only use at home) and I just slide the little seat in the bottom of our stroller and we head out. Here in Spain, many of the restaurants don't have highchairs anyway- so it is not really an option. So far this has worked very well, and she thinks it is cool to sit in, in our hotel room. The seat is called the JANE MOVE HIGHCHAIR with Carrying Bag. Here is a picture. I couldn't easily find their website but it seems to be sold in a lot of places...

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