October 27, 2008

Home Sweet Home... in the bathroom?

Our energetic daughter is not really one for just calmly going to sleep in mom’s arms. In fact we can’t even put her to sleep if we are in the room. So on our resent 12 day trip along the Garden Route in South Africa we found a special place for her in all of our hotels- the bathroom. Her small crib fit perfectly in them all. The last bathroom was so big we were actually moving it around to decide where to put it.

The bathroom worked for her, and us. We often had to put a bit of padding around the crib and under to soften the sleeping and the escaping. I am pretty sure all of the cleaners along the way thought we were crazy. We would have used the closet but it was too small! Parents have to do whats necessary sometimes!

Has your little one slept in any creative places?

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