February 15, 2009

Babysitters overseas- what can i say

We are leaving China tomorrow back home to the U.S. I have managed to find a little bit of childcare in Spain, South Africa, India, Singapore and China but with some bumps in the road for sure. My general rule is that I try to get a strong recommendation from someone I trust. Then I do a test drive for one hour. I have learned that the good hotels are so eager to please that they put the most trusted people in your room and they are usually fulltime employees. In India and China where it is not uncommon to go sans diaper- I have found the diaper either backwards, or dirty or just plain gone. But in all of these areas I did feel she was safe. If anything I found that they were so eager to please that they let our little one take total control. "She wouldn't let me put her pants on" and "she said she didn't want to go to bed". She is 2. So with a little homework and a little preparation it is possible to have the occassional dinner out or two hour break while you are overseas. But be prepared for things to be done a little bit different..... its all about being flexible right?

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