January 19, 2009

What is in the mysterious 2nd suitcase

We are packing again.

Leaving tonight from Singapore to Quingdao, China. I share a suitcase with my daughter and I make sure it all fits. If it doesn't, some of the clothes have to go. But I am not that switched on, I travel with a second suitcase- it holds "the stuff". And by the way, it is filled to the brim- everytime we fly. But what is in it? If you asked me I couldn't really tell you. I caught myself telling someone that it had sippy cups, plates, spoons, a little folding high chair, a couple of toys, two or three books. But that alone cannot even fill a carry on bag. So what is the rest- a bag with the pool stuff (but that is small) Her little hairclips (thats a stretch) . I am actually sitting here not able to tell you what fills up the mysterious 2nd suitcase. It is bigger than the clothes one I assure you. Without doing an inventory I can't really tell you anything else- but the fact stands that when you have a kid there is just a lot of "stuff" . Unexplainable, unidentifiable, stuff. Make sure you don't forget any of it! : )

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