January 27, 2008

British Airways Toddler Seat

A recent reader sent us this comment on our "Best Airlines" post:

BA won hands-down for the best service while traveling with a baby. Many airlines will only accommodate a baby until a certain age, and only first-come, first-serve. BA had a wonderful, comfortable reclinable bouncy-seat type of thing that was perfect for my then-14-month-old. All airlines should get that model! It also helps that the seats are more generous than those of other airlines we had used.- Mammemia

We thought that sounded great so we did a little research and found out that what British Airways is supplying is a Britax toddler seat. See the BA website page http://www.britishairways.com/travel/child/public/en_gb#infant for more information but apparently it is free of charge and easily works for children up to two. Sounds great!


Debbie said...

We've used the toddler seat several times. It's nothing like the seats Britax makes for the car, but it is comfortable and a great place for an older baby to sleep (though our kids aren't content to hang out there when they are awake).

I also posted a picture recently of BA's baby bassinet at

The bassinet works great for younger babies. Either seat can be used only in the bulkhead row, and must be reserved in advance. The seats cannot be used during takeoff, landing or turbulence. It's helpful to double check availability with a flight attendant before takeoff.

Rita said...

Could you post a picture of the Britax seat used on the BA flight? I am going to travel to Uganda with my 14 mo old and would LOVE to see a picture! Thanks