January 4, 2008

On a ferry with a baby? No problem

Ferry's are a great way for babies to travel. There is usually enough room to spread out-and they love being in the fresh air. Most ferries don't charge a fee for babies which is once again a plus. If you have luggage, it sometimes is taken away before hand as you board. Be sure not to leave valuables in there as security is fairly week. Food and beverage is usually available. Check with the ferry for changing facilities.

Do you have an insight you want to add on being on a ferry with a baby? Leave us a comment or email babyjetsetter@gmail.com


Ferry said...

Me and my wife were planning to travel by ferry with our beloved 6 months baby. So, we are looking for good ferry travels with good onboard service. We heared about norfolkline, need to do some research on it.

Ferries said...

Hello Stephanie, you are quite right in pointing out that traveling on ferries with babies isn't a problem. In fact they love the interiors and the space they get to play around. Some of the cross channel ferries provide special children section where they can have a nice time.