January 26, 2008

Great Reader Input on Tips for Traveling with Babies, Toddlers, and Kids- Thanks!

Wow, you guys are awesome. Baby Jetsetter is just a month old and is growing like a weed (sound familiar) In the past few weeks I received some great feedback from parent/baby travel warriors- and here are just a few things you added-

Shane from Crystal Bay, NV:I’ve flown several times with my baby, Liam, who is now 15 months. Although I always try to change his diaper before the flight, he inevitably needs a new one in flight. When it is just wet, no big deal, but when it is #2, it is trickier. Basically, I thought my only choice was to change the diaper while holding him, but as he got older, this became next to impossible. On a particularly difficult flight, the bathroom was a mess and there was no way I could have changed it alone in there. The flight attendant was nice enough to offer to help by giving me a blanket and letting me change him up front, around the corner where no one could see. She then put the blanket in with the dirty ones. It is nice to know this is an option if you are really stuck, at least with some flight attendants!

Wendi from Miami, Fl: When you have multiple kids (3) there's always so much stuff, so i try to limit it as much as possible. I have a bag with some art supplies there are so many things you can do with some paper,crayons, glue, etc. & it doesn't take up too much room.

Julie from Lake Tahoe: A lollipop / sucker can keep a child happy for a long time on a plane, but make sure to pack wipes to go with it.

Carrie from Toronto:I live in Canada now (originally from Atlanta), but have lived in 4 different countries & 10 different cities in the last 9 years. I am married to a professional hockey player.
I have a 5.5 and 2.5 year old (both born in Germany) the best advice I can give about traveling with a baby /toddler is:
(1) Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot travel with a newborn. Both my children travelled at the age of 2 weeks old, across the ocean, on an 8 hour flight. Doctor’s say there is no risk. Just nurse/feed the baby during take –off so their ears do not “pop.” These were the best flights of their lives! Everyone wants to hold them, nobody cares if they cry, and they sleep most of the time!
(2) Almost all airlines have 2 bassinets on the plane. They are located in the bulkhead row and are first come first book. They hook on to the wall in front of your seat. I HIGHLY recommend this, as once the baby falls asleep, your hands are FREE!!! There is a weight limit, but I had my daughter in a bassinet when she was 1… it makes the trip SO MUCH more enjoyable for mom.
(3) Especially if taking a cross country/international flight, try to book long flights at night!!!! The kids sleep! Need I say more!
(4) When you are flying with a toddler, try to book the bulkhead. Then you will not have anyone in front of you and you will not have to stress out when your child kicks the seat/wall in front of you! You also have more floor space in case your child wants to play on the floor.
(5) Best tip… food, food & more food!
(6) Get some toys/treats at the dollar store. You can even wrap them if you want. And let the kids open them throughout the trip.
(7) Portable DVD players with headphones are KEY!!!!!!
(8) Book the end/aisle seat if you have children that will want to get out to go to the bathroom/walk around often. Then you will not have to worry about bothering/waking anyone else up!
(9) Lots of toddlers like to play with scotch tape. Buy a roll and let them go to town!
(10)Tip for Mom… when it comes to the flight, try to take the least amount of stuff with you as possible… you have enough stuff to worry about and keep up with!
(11)I actually really like it when my husband and I have to sit in separate rows… we take turns sitting with the kids… I relish my time off & read!!!

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