March 28, 2008

A not-so-great gear review MacLaren Triumph

So I needed a new lightweight stroller, I did my research (obviously not good enough) and decided on the MacLaren Triumph. It gets great reviews so I went for it- and now I have to admit that I am not that happy with it. Here's why-

1) the seat does recline but not really that far
2) there is no foot rest which isn't a big deal
3) I don't find the break that easy although again not a big deal
4) The adjustable clip used to set the recline already fell off
5) I cant leave my relatively small diaper bag on the back or the whole thing topples over
6) The sun shade is short
7) And the basket, although large, doesn't really have a big open to put things in

I am being overly princess-ey here but I just expected a little more with all the hype. It is a good stroller- the wheels turn well (although no suspension) and it folds well. Most of the problems that I mention above are actually valid in an effort to make the stroller so lightweight, but basically I have to say that I wish I would have looked a little harder to find something that really fit my needs. The buzz is the Baby Jogger City is definitely worth checking out....

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