March 28, 2008

Practice what you blog...

So the delay in my blogs was due to all the traveling the baby and I were doing this month. Eight flights in three weeks, two overseas. After writing this blog, I actually get a kick out of putting the words to practice and seeing what works. And I always break some of my own rules and regret it later- this trip was no different. Here are a few of my small sins committed that did not make life any easier while traveling alone with the baby...

- Carried a big book with me, yes everywhere and just so you know, I didn't read one word. Just in case I didn't have enough crap with me.
- Wore a belt and tough to remove shoes thru security, because baby, diaper bag, computer, carseat, stroller, and boarding passes in my hand were not enough work for me?
- Cut my connection to short, and consequently I missed my flight- and I paid $$$$ dearly!
-Didn't bring an extra shirt for myself. Actually I lucked out this time but my time is coming and I am going to be screwed!

After all the psychiatric care and back doctor care and dry cleaning maybe I will start to learn to optimize the travel system for once and for all- probably not.

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