December 29, 2007

All Aboard- Train rides with babies

Trains are a great way to travel with an infant. There are certain trains which are often put aside for quiet areas only, meaning prefer no crying babies, so be sure to check what cabin you want when you buy your ticket (if your train does assigned seating) It is certainly easy to walk around on a train and often some food (no baby products) are available in the dining cars. There is often a charge for a baby but it is usually very nominal, nothing like a plane ticket fare. Often that fee reserves a seat for the baby so putting a car seat in the empty seat is a great way to go if it fits. Otherwise if you get at a table, you could slide the car seat under the table. Lastly, there is usually some place to park strollers but make sure not to leave anything valuable in them.

If you have questions, comments, or thoughts on taking a baby on a train, send them to or leave a comment here.