December 31, 2007

Best Airlines for Babies

I have found that most of the airlines have been good with their baby programs but there are some websites out there that offer up better details. Our favorite so far has been Malaysia Airlines but we have had good experiences on United, KLM, SpanAir, SAS, Continential and Air Canada. If you have specific needs, you should contact the airlines specifically as soon as you book your ticket (bassinets/cots can be first come first serve).

Customer service for babies on airplanes include: bassinets/cots, pre-boarding, baby food, food and bottle warming, bibs, toys/crayons.

What have airlines have you had good and bad experiences while traveling on an airplane with a baby? Send us your thoughts, questions and stories to or leave a comment here.


tara said...

My favorite travel trick. I took our baby blanket and daiper pinned all the little toys I thought would keep my little one occupied like soft books, rattle, little toys. That way, the toys were not all falling out of my bag and were attached and easy to find.

mammemia said...

BA won hands-down for the best service while traveling with a baby. Many airlines will only accommodate a baby until a certain age, and only first-come, first-serve. BA had a wonderful, comfortable reclinable bouncy-seat type of thing that was perfect for my then-14-month-old. All airlines should get that model! It also helps that the seats are more generous than those of other airlines we had used.