December 29, 2007

Our Favorite (& Tested) Travel Gear

There are a million products out there these days, but after 7 months straight on the road, these are our favorite tried and true baby products:

1) TRAVEL CRIB LIGHT BY Baby Bjorn- Hands down the best travel bed out there, great mattress, only 5 kg, easy to check-in at the airport and can be set up in 10 seconds with one hand. This is available now in the U.S.- check out The Portable

2) SACK-N-SEAT- A great tool when you are going to a restaurant or home without a highchair. Our baby is a squirmer and holding her while she eats would be a disaster. This does the trick and fits right in the diaper bag. Not sure if it can be found in the U.S.

3) HOTSLING- Now that our baby is 10 months, she is a bit old to be carried around all day in her sling, but up until month 7, I didn't leave home without it. It is much smaller than a front pack and fits right in the diaper bag (along with the Sack-N-Seat!) People were always inquiring to me where I got it...

4) THE PEA POD- I loved this product when our baby was younger- up to 8 months. Its a little tent that pops open with one hands and then has a nice pad to go on the bottom. You can open it with one hand- key when the little one is to young to sit up and you can't put her down. It zips up nicely so they are protected but still get fresh air, and it packs down small so you can put it in the bottom of your suitcase. They can also sleep in it. I took it to the beach, friends houses, hotel rooms, etc.,5

What is your "can't live without travel" product? Send us an email at or leave us a comment here.

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