December 29, 2007

My travel horror story...

I was traveling alone with our 5 month old, from Stockholm to Toronto thru Amsterdam. As mentioned in another post, Stockholm makes you check your stroller at the front desk. My connection was delayed 7 (yes Seven) hours and all I had was the sling to hold her in. I was surviving, barely, when we boarded the plane. I was seated in the middle seat, middle row next to a very sick, hacking woman who spoke no English on one side, and a 2 year old boy on the other. I put the baby's toys in my seat and took her to the back to change her and when I came back, the sick woman, thinking she was doing me a favor, picked up all of the toys up so I could sit down. So I now take the baby and all of the toys back to the toilet again to disinfect. When I came back the second time, the 2 year old next to me, with his back facing his mother, was peeing on the sling which I had left on the floor. This is before the 8 hour flight even took off. Once we got to Toronto, after 17 hours of travel, the luggage all got mixed up, and the very last thing to come off of all three planes that landed at the same time- was my stroller. Luckily the baby didn't cry because I did three times as my arms were falling off.

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